Bull's Blood - Bull's Blood is Bodega Victoriana's interpretation of the famous Spanish "Sangre De Toro" (Blood of the Bull) wine. It is a hand crafted special blend of red varietals from Bodega Victoriana's Vineyard. This is a big bold dry red meant to be savored with a cigar or juicy steak!

St Croix - Medium to full body dry deep red wine with soft tannins, nice fruity aromas, currant and dried fruit flavor aspects. Aged in American Oak. A great wine to share with friends over a steak dinner or just a pizza!

Walk of Shame! - This sweet red wine is perfect for any occasion. It is a blend of Frontenac and Concord grapes with a flavor that reminds you of the good old days! Enjoy with a new friend and you may end up doing your own "Walk of Shame"!

Rosie's Rose' - Rosie's Rose' is our salute to the military and to women who rise to the challenge no matter the odds. This sweet rose wine is made with red Frontenac grapes pressed immediately after harvest. Light and crisp with notes of strawberry and cherry. Enjoy this wine on any occasion. Serve chilled.

Norton -

Noiret -


Blanco Fino - Blanco Fino (Fine White) is a dry white made from a blend of Edelweiss, St Pepin, Brianna and Vignole grapes. Light, crisp and subtle fruit characteristics make this wine especially enjoyable on a hot summer day or before any meal. Serve chilled or at room temperature.

Edelweiss - Edelweiss is sweet white wine with mild fruity labrusca flavor. Serve chilled and enjoy this wine with family and friends.

Brianna - Brianna has tropical aroma with fruits such as Pineapple and Banana. The fruitiness also picks up hints of Mango and Melons. Serve Chilled. Enjoy with great friends and family over a platter of cheese and mixed fruit.

St Pepin - St Pepin is a sweet white wine. The grapes were picked later in the season to allow the flavors and sugars to become concentrated. Aroma and flavor will remind you of apples with a refreshing linger to the finish. This could be a nice wine before dinner with cheese and crusty bread.